Taste the Twister flavor!



Reese's Puff & Nesquik Cereals

Crumbled choc. chips cookies, donut, chocolate bar, whipped cream & chocolate syrup.

Blast! + $1.25

Cinnamon Toast & Apple Jacks Cereal

Pancakes, strawberries, strawberry ice cream, nutella, white  choc. chips & candies.


Honey Maid S'mores &  Krave double chocolate

Toasted marshmallow, choco flakes, cookie dough ice cream & caramel syrup.

Small: $ 7.99

Large: $ 9.99


Choco Krispies White & Cocoa Pebbles Cereals

Crumbled oreos, mini donuts, marshmallow, gummy bears, caramel & chocolate syrup.

Training + $1.25

Your international cereal option & High Protein Cereals

Fresh bananas, sliced almonds & honey (Creatine:+ $0.99)

Vegan + $1.25

Your vegan cereal option & Brand Flakes

Fresh bananas, kiwis, coconut flakes & agave syrup.

Mojito Mint

Your international cereal option & Drumstick Mint Chocolate Cereal

Mint ice cream, choco nut, choc. chips & mojito mint syrup.


Krave choco nut & Pops Cereals

Whipped cream, skittles, animal crackers, choc. chips & syurp.

Healthy + $1.25

Special K Fruit & Yogurt n' Crispy Minis Banana

Fresh strawberries, bananas, coconut flakes & agave syrup.

Cookie Monster

Chips Ahoy & Tresor white Cereals

Crumbled choc. chips cookies, frosted chocolate fudge Pop-Tart, white choc. chips & chocolate syrup.


Crunch & Unicorn Froot Lopps

Vanilla & strawberry ice cream, banana, white choc. chips & caramel syrup.

Wild One

Dinosaurus & Lucky Charms Cereals

Skittles, crumbled oreos, white choc. chips, cookies n' cream Pop Tart & chocolate syrup.


2 cereals & 2 toppings S:$5.99 L: $7.99

Our international cereal bowls include a bottle of milk: (regular, low fat & lactose free)

We have alternative milks for $0.75. Extra topping, color milk or syrup $0.99 



Small: $ 8.99

Large: $ 10.99


Organic Açaí base

Granola, bananas, blueberries, strawberries & coconut flakes.


Activated Charcoal base

Granola, bananas, strawberries, kiwis & coconut flakes.


Kale & Matcha base

Granola, strawberries, pineapples, & almonds.

Blue Sea

Blue Spirulina base

Granola, bananas, kiwis, mangoes & chia seeds.

Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit base

Granola, bananas, strawberries, kiwis & chia seeds.

Mocha Latte

Coffee base

Granola, bananas, almonds, raisins, coconut flakes & chocolate chips.

*The large size include one free protein. Choose between of: Antioxidant, collagen, peanut butter, bee pollen & goji berry. 

Add extra protein or fruit for $1.25.



Regular: $ 6.50

Large: $ 7.95


Orange juice, strawberry & banana.

Detox + $1.00

Pineapple juice, banana, spinach & kale.


Apple juice, blueberry & banana.


Apple juice, mango & strawberry.


Pineapple juice, strawberry & banana.

Acai + $1.00

Organic Acaí, apple juice & choice of 1: strawberry, banana, mango or blueberry


Apple juice, strawberry, blueberry & banana.

Paradise + $1.00

Coconut milk, strawberrry, banana & agave syrup.

Spirulina + $1.00

Spirulina, almond milk, banana & mango.



All Oreo´s

Vanilla ice cream twisted with Oreo O's Cereal

Crumbled oreos & chocolate syrup.

Chocolate Dream

Cookie Dough ice cream twisted with Choco nut Cereal

White choc. chips, skittles & chocolate syrup.

Mojito Mint

Mint ice cream twisted with Drumstick Mint Cereal

Chocolate chips & mojito mint syrup.

Regular: $ 7.75

Large: $ 8.95

Coffee Lover

Coffee ice cream twisted with Reese's Puff Cereal

Chocolate chips & chopped peanuts.

Simple Swirl

Ice cream, cereal & 2 toppings 

Regular:$6.50  Large:$7.50


Cookie Dough ice cream twisted with Froot Loops & donut

Crumbled choc. chips cookies & chocolate syrup.

More & More

Vanilla ice cream twisted with Honey Maid S'mores Cereal

Marshmallow, chocolate bar & chocolate syrup.

Crunch Twister

Chocolate ice cream twisted with Crunch Cereal

Chocolate chips & animal crackers.


Vegan ice cream twisted with your choice of vegan cereal

Sliced strawberries, granola & agave syrup.

Power up Reese´s

Vanilla ice cream twisted with peanut butter

Reese's Puff Cereal, white choc. chips & chocolate syrup.

Red Cream

Strawberry ice cream twisted with Tresor White Cereal

Fresh strawberry, choc. chips & white chocolate syrup.



Cookies & Cream

Vanilla ice cream & Oreo O's Cereal

Whipped cream, cookie n' cream sandwich, chocolate syrup & wafers.

Cookie Doungh

Cookie dough ice cream & Chips Ahoy Cereal

Whipped cream, ice cream sandwich chips, chocolate chips & wafers.

Cinnamon Heaven

Vanilla ice cream & Cinnamon Toast Cereal

Whipped cream, Churros Cereal & wafers.

Peanut Butter

Vanilla ice cream & Reese's Puff Cereal

Whipped cream, chopped peanuts, Reese's cups & wafers.

Creamy Strawberry

Strawberry ice cream & Krave Strawberry Cereal

Whipped cream, ice cream bar strawberry shortcake, strawberry syrup & wafers.

Mint Chocolate Chip

Mint ice cream & Drumstick mint chocolate Cereal

Whipped cream, chocolate chips, mojito mint syrup & wafers.

$ 11.99

Sweet Matcha

Vegan ice cream, soy milk, matcha green tea powder

Kiwi, coconut flakes, granola & agave syrup.

Churro Donut Shake

Vanilla ice cream & Churros Cereal

Whipped cream, churro donut, churros cereal & wafers.

Power Shake

Chocolate ice cream, banana, almond milk & peanut butter

Whipped cream, Weetos Cereal, chocolate chips & honey.

Banana Split Shake

Cookie dough ice cream & Cocoa Peebles Cereal

Donut, banana, whipped cream & chocolate syrup.

Blue Sky $15 (Store only)

White chocolate Shake

Melted marshmallow coated rim with crumbled oreos. Donut, cookie n' cream sandwich, whipped cream, Fruity Pebbles Cereal & chocolate syrup.

Twister Blast! $15 (Store only)

Cinnamon Shake

Nutella coated rim with Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Churro donut, caramel syrup, two pancakes, bananas, whipped cream & strawberry.


Cookie dough / Chocolate / Vanilla / Strawberry / Mint / Vegan (Vanilla) / Coffee / Peanut Butter

Ice cream, whipped cream, syrup & wafers.

Alternative milks

$ 0.75

Extra topping, color milk or syrup

$ 0.99

Extra fruit

$ 1.25

1 protein


$ 1.25

(Antioxidant, Relaxing, Acaí, Spirulina, Charcoal, Dragon fruit, Peanut butter, Multi-vitamin)


Ice cream + cereal base

+ 2 toppings

$ 7.95

Cereal Bowl

2 cereals & 2 toppings

Small: $ 5.99

Large: $ 7.99

Ice Cream

Ice cream + cereal

+ 2 toppings

Small: $ 6.50 Large: $ 7.50

Bowls include a bottle of milk (regular, low-fat, non-fat or lactose free)

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